Cole Patterson has always had her finger on the pulse in the entertainment industry. Cole brings an insider perspective of her own having starting as a celebrity makeup artist in the entertainment industry working with talents Usher, Michael Ealy, Gabe Iglesias, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Sherri Shepard, and just to name a few. Being able to see the filmmaking process from vast collaboration gives her a unique perspective.

Her artistic talents and natural skill as makeup artist has been her gateway Cole filmmaking and with an insider’s perspective, made the decision to become a director and bring her own cinematic visions to life. immersed herself in the process by prepare herself for her directorial debut. 

“Being able to examine various roles working behind the scenes has shown me the value of having flexibility when it comes to directing in its totality,” notes Cole, 

“As a director I bring an innovative and fresh perspective to the world of filmmaking as a woman and as an artist.”


Cole Patterson has made it a personal mission to stand for women’s empowerment. Patterson hopes to play an intricate role in diversifying the film and television industry for women and minorities by continuing to pave the way with confidence and a fresh eye for the younger generation. Patterson also takes time to volunteer regularly for the less fortunate in order to stay in tune with the outside world. Patterson says that this helps [her] find the most effective way to tell the best story creatively while working on set.
Patterson’s style of directing has been shaped and influenced by her reallife experiences, both negative and positive, which she manipulates into an idealistic world that pushes the boundaries and invites viewers to challenge their own mentality and enjoy her unique point of view.

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